Uniform Policy

Dr. William A. Chapman Elementary School has a mandatory school uniform policy.   Please note that this policy was voted and put into place by the parents of the students at Dr. William A. Chapman Elementary School, not the district, region, administration, or teachers.  

Therefore, as a steward to the policy that has been put into place by the parents, Dr. William A. Chapman Elementary School conducts uniform sweeps on a regular basis.

As a reminder, below is a listing of appropriate uniform attire:

Tops:  Plain polo shirts with sleeves in White, Yellow Gold, or Black.  School logos on the shirts are required.  All shirts are to be size-appropriate and tucked in neatly.  

Bottoms:  Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts. Shorts, skirts, or skorts should abide by the “fingertip rule”- no shorter than the tips of student’s fingers when arms are brought down to one’s side. 

Pants/Belts:  Belts are to be worn if pants have belt loops.  Pants should fit appropriately. The display of undergarments is not permitted.

Footware:  Socks and rubber soled shoes are required, as students participate in Physical Education or Recess daily.  Sandals and/or open toe shoes are not allowed.

The School Board Dress Code for Elementary Schools is as follows: Board Policy 5511

  • No metal football cleats on shoes
  • No jeans
  • No clogs, thongs, sandals or other shoes without back straps
  • No written messages, symbols or pictures on clothing which portray ideas which are contrary to the best interests of the health, safety and welfare of students
  • No clothes with metal studs, etc. that could scratch furniture
  • No tube tops, see-through blouses, backless tops, tops with bare midriffs, or sleeveless undershirts
  • No hats, except those worn for religious purposes
  • Students who wear inappropriate attire to school will be asked to call home for proper clothing
  • No skate shoes
  • No removable grillz
  • No hair beads.